It is usual to hear about the fears of patients regarding the result of the surgical procedure, risks of anesthesia, pain and medical work, but few notice the risks derived from non-existent Prior care and especially from inadequate Post-Operative therapies.

The pre-surgical treatment is used to prepare the skin and stimulate circulation, helping the future patient to eliminate the stress generated by undergoing a surgical procedure.

We are specialists in post-operative therapies. From the day after surgery, the patient is received by our team to support him throughout his recovery process through state-of-the-art technology and manual techniques (lymphatic drainage - molding) where edema, bruising and inflammation are reduced.

During this period it is equally important to avoid the formation of fibrosis (internal scars).

In a period of approximately 10 days; The patient is assisted from his arrival, when he undresses and removes the girdle, going through the entire recovery circuit until the moment of his personal hygiene. In this way we guarantee that the patient's evolution process is definitively effective and accelerated.

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